Starter relay fix kit

If your Breva 750, 1100, 1200 , Norge 1200, or Griso sometimes makes a click from under the seat  when you want the motor to make a roar, you need our Starter Relay fix kit.  It solves a design deficiency and is easy to install, 5 minutes for the average owner and it works !  Contact to purchase.

USA Buyers – shipping included – $ 38.50 (USD)

International Buyers pay $38.50 (USD) plus additional shipping costs (Canada – $ 10.00 | Europe – $ 14.00)

Australia –  available and posted from there.

England – available and posted from there.





  1. Hi I have a 2v 1200 sport 2009 non abs model would this be a fit for mine and do you post overseas I’m in Scotland obviously for a cost, seems like a fantastic easy modification, just stared having these probs


  2. Hi. Will this kit work on the 1200 Sport 8V (has the TWO starter relays), and does it avoid high current going through the ignition switch when starting? I’m in the UK. Thanks.

  3. This fix changed everything for me. I installed it on my 2004 Breva 750 after the mechanic kept saying ‘replace the battery’. After at least 4 batteries I finally found this fix and now my bike starts even after 2 weeks of not riding. Before I would wonder if it would start after I got gas.

    AMAZING. Thank you!

  4. Does this require any cutting or splicing the wire harness?
    No , it is simple un plug and reconnect the relay, add one lead to your battery.

  5. Hi
    I have a 2009 Norge and interested in buying a harness for the starting system, let me know if you have any available.

    Thank you!


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