If your Breva 750, 1100, 1200 , Norge 1200, or Griso sometimes makes a click from under the seat  when you want the motor to make a roar, you need our Starter Relay fix kit.  It solves a design deficiency and is easy to install, 5 minutes for the average owner and it works !  Please contact to purchase.

USA Buyers – $ 42.00 (USD) shipping included

Canadian Buyers – $ 57.00 (USD) shipping included

International Buyers  – $60.00 (USD) covers shipping/handling costs to Europe | UK | Australia / NZ | Japan

Here is a reply from Larry in Pa, those screws are a bear, being non magnetic.

“I wanted you to know that I installed the kit on my ‘06 Breva and the bike has started every time since.  Great product.  I don’t know why the local dealer doesn’t stock your product.  It took less than two minutes to install, main problem was finding the dropped battery screw.  Thanks again, worth every penny.”

From P.C. (NSW – Australia)

“The kit arrived and the bike fired up immediately once I fitted it.  Thanks very much,  Phillip.”


3 Replies to “Not exactly an “ON LINE STORE” Starter relay kit !”

  1. i would like to buy a starter wiring fix kit for my breva 1100 ,2007.can you hook me up ? my phone number is 860 916 1303 east coast u.s.

  2. I am in San Francisco California and I am looking for replacement exhaust Cannisters, preferably oval and Carbon fiber for my 2002 V11 Scura. Can you help because someone on a Facebook page told me you might be able to.

    Christopher Colón

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