If your Breva 750, 1100, 1200 , Norge 1200, or Griso sometimes makes a click from under the seat  when you want the motor to make a roar, you need our Starter Relay fix kit.  It solves a design deficiency and is easy to install, 5 minutes for the average owner and it works !  Please contact to purchase.

USA Buyers – shipping included – $ 38.50 (USD)

International Buyers  $38.50 (USD) plus additional shipping/handling costs ( USD Cost to Canada – $ 12.00 | Europe – $ 15.00 | UK $ 15.00 | Australia / NZ $ 15.00 )

Here is a reply from Larry in Pa, those screws are a bear, being non magnetic.

“I wanted you to know that I installed the kit on my ‘06 Breva and the bike has started every time since.  Great product.  I don’t know why the local dealer doesn’t stock your product.  It took less than two minutes to install, main problem was finding the dropped battery screw.  Thanks again, worth every penny.”


3 Replies to “Not exactly an “ON LINE STORE” Starter relay kit !”

  1. i would like to buy a starter wiring fix kit for my breva 1100 ,2007.can you hook me up ? my phone number is 860 916 1303 east coast u.s.

  2. I am in San Francisco California and I am looking for replacement exhaust Cannisters, preferably oval and Carbon fiber for my 2002 V11 Scura. Can you help because someone on a Facebook page told me you might be able to.

    Christopher Colón

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